Victoria and Mitchell

How We Met

Mitch and I met over 2 and a half years ago at the Passion Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a conference with over 5,000 college kids. They group everyone in 8-10 people over the weekend during some sessions and they do this by wrist band color. We didn’t know it, but we ended up with the same wrist band in one of the huge rooms in the international Convention center. The speaker asked everyone to find a buddy, which I picked my BFF Dani of course and walk 50 steps in any direction. We linked arms and started walking and halfway through I saw a guy wearing cowboy boots (my favorite!) and I told Dani that we HAD to stop and meet him. This is when I locked eyes for the first time with Mitch. I walked over and asked what school he went to and he just stood there awestruck. When he caught his breath, we found out we both went to Kennesaw State University and the rest was history! We have been together ever since.

how they asked

Mitch told me that he wanted to take me out to a nice dinner near where my parents are members of Lake Lanier Sailing Club. We planned our date for July 25th and he told me to wear something cute because it’s a nice restaurant. However, the day of he told me that he had to work late and couldn’t come pick me up! My mom offered to drive me because she had to go check on the sailing boat and meet someone to work on the boat. Little did I know they planned this all along! We decided to meet at the sailing club to make it easier on everyone. When we got there, Mitch had a dozen roses and was speechless! After my mom left, he told me we weren’t actually going to a nice dinner but having a picnic instead.

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We walked from the beach to one of the docks and I see the beautiful set up of sparkly lights, flowers, and candles and mason jars. He sat me down on the pier on a gray carpet (the exact one we met on years ago at a conference). He sang and played “I love your love the most” by Eric Church and “Carried Away” by George Strait, which both of our favorite songs. After that, he got down on one knee and proposed! Of course, I said yes!

Right after that, it started raining and we took pictures in the rain and watched the sunset which was beautiful. It will always be a memory we will remember forever!!

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