Victoria and Mike

How We Met

We met in our building while I was walking my dog outside (VERY cliche, I know!). It’s a funny story because we met each other briefly a few years back, but I was the only one who remembered that part. After our “first meeting” in our building, I get a message on Facebook probably 5 min after I get back into my apartment and we immediately start talking. A few days later, we went on our first date and have been inseparable ever since (I guess it helps that we live a few floors away from each other haha!).

how they asked

It was my NOW finance’s birthday and he was having a birthday dinner at his house with our friends and family. Everything was perfectly normal, everyone was congratulating him on his day, giving gifts, drinking, eating etc (totally normal… or as I thought). In the middle of the dinner, he takes me outside and tells me that he’s going to give a toast to thank everyone for coming and that he was also going to thank me as well. Again, I didn’t think anything of it because in our culture, it’s totally normal to do that… encouraged really. So we get back into the house and he begins this long speech of thanking his parents, family, friends… and then came my turn. At that moment, call me naive or just blind, I STILL wasn’t expecting anything. Although I did get this nervous feeling in my stomach, but I figured that was just because I get shy when put on the spot like that. He started saying how thankful he is that I’m in his life, and how he’s so happy that I was outside of our building that day walking my dog (how we met). After all of that was said, I felt my heart race a million beats per second and I could’t really hear anything else that he was saying because now I finally realized what was happening. I only remember one phrase that he said ” How could I make this year better than the last?” After that, I REALLY had no doubt that it was coming because we really did have the perfect year together, and in my mind there would be only one thing that could top of 2015….and that is marrying the love of my life.

Image 1 of Victoria and Mike