Victoria and Mike

How We Met

I met Mike on Tinder, and we matched on two things: Gilmore Girls, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Turns out those are a pretty strong foundation for a relationship! We got to talking and met for dinner a week or two later. However, not long into the date, he excused himself to go to the bathroom and was gone for a while. When he came back, he apologized and we resumed our date… until he got up again and went back to the bathroom. For a while.

Okay, so I figured he just didn’t like me. No big deal, but pretty rude way to say it – he can’t even stay at the table with me? He came back and then we started talking again, but you wouldn’t believe it… he got up a third time. And went back to the bathroom. For a third time. Okay, now I KNOW he doesn’t like me, because this is ridiculous! He comes back, and we wrap up the date not long after.

We step outside, and he surprises me by walking me to my car. Wait, does he actually like me? Maybe those trips to the bathroom were real, and he’s just sick… and then he takes my hand, and kisses the back of it, like a knight in a movie. And that’s when I started falling for him!

After a few more dates, I realized he was lactose intolerant and had no idea, which explains why he wasn’t feeling well on our first date! But we’d already come up with a better explanation – he was so nervous to meet me, he got butterflies in his stomach! Now, any time either of us gets sick, we call it “getting the butterflies” :)

How They Asked

I knew Mike was planning to propose (we had already picked out the ring together!) but didn’t know when besides that it would be sometime between August and October. I planned to get my nails done every two weeks just to make sure they were ready for whenever he proposed! So on Saturday, Mike came with me to the first of these appointments and we both got mani/pedis together! He had never gotten one before, and he enjoyed it… except for the part where they scrubbed his SUPER-ticklish feet!

We got lunch and then went to the Warner Bros. lot, where our friend Felix Mallard was shooting a project. He had another friend, Hunter, who walked us around the lot for a private tour! We got to see the outside of the “Ellen” stage, and then we visited the Central Perk set from “Friends!” We also got to walk around a museum on the lot, full of costumes from movies and TV shows.

And then we went to the area I was most excited to see – Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls! We poked our head into Luke’s Diner, and then I rushed to the gazebo! As I took in the sights, Felix emerged from the church holding a guitar, playing our song. Mike had arranged for our very own troubadour!

And then Mike got on one knee, and I started crying and laughing so hard because I just couldn’t believe it was happening! And of course, I said “Yes!”

The three of us (Mike, Felix and I) had dinner plans with my best friend, but when we got to the restaurant it turned out Mike had also invited our friends and family, including his parents who came in from out of town to surprise me! Somehow he managed to pull off two incredible surprises in less than an hour!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Hunter Karas
 | He brought us onto the WB lot, acting as our private tour guide, and took the photos!
Felix Mallard
 | He was our troubadour, and learned to play our song!!