Victoria and Matthew

Matt and I met my first semester of college, at the time we were just friends and I never thought we would become anything more. I had my sights set on someone else, and could not see past him to Matt. After about a month of being my best friend helping me through the relationship that didn’t quite work out I began to see Matt in another light. It took me about another month to admit my feelings for him and on his birthday after a nice dinner with our friends he asked me to be his girlfriend. About a year had gone by, with meeting the families under the belt and getting parents permission Matt devised the perfect plan with one of my closest friends to get us out to one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and pop the question. I didn’t see it coming because I had thought it was my friend Kristin’s idea to go on an adventure before the snow hit. We were all taking picture of each other when she asked if Matt and I wanted some by the waterfall. We did so we walked over and as I was turned around looking at the waterfall I heard a step behind me, I turned and found Matt on one knee “Victoria Anne Lizzi, the past year with you has been amazing. Will you marry me?” and of course I said yes!

Proposal 1