Victoria and Matthew

Victoria's Proposal in Piedmont Park

How We Met

My freshman year of college, my best friend and I went to Clearwater beach for a low-key beach trip for spring break. By word of mouth we heard of some fun night life to visit that most locals go to and could accommodate 18-21 yr olds. We decided to go to a country/line-dancing type bar (totally out of my comfort zone) and we ended up meeting some people our age and just had a fun night making fools of ourselves on the dance floor. Closing time came and everyone was huddled outside waiting on their rides when I saw Matt and his friend Jeff across the sidewalk from us. I’ve always been the type to make friends with whoever is around me, so naturally I walked up to them and introduced ourselves to them. They were Clearwater locals and the four of us instantly clicked. To save us from the boring details, we ended up hanging out with Matt and Jeff the rest of the week until we had to leave. The entire time it was my goal to set my friend up with Matt. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend and neither was she, but I thought they would make the cutest couple, so I pulled all the stops to be obnoxious and ultimately find out his opinion of my friend. **Disclaimer: my friend wasn’t really interested in the idea but I was pushing for it to happen. The night before we left back for Georgia the four of us were hanging out and it was time for me to debrief Matt. I pulled him away and asked him for his plans to keep in touch with my friend and if he liked her. He simply responded with “ehh she’s really cool, but I am not really interested…” Here I am, having spent a whole weekend trying to play matchmaker, and he is rejecting the idea… I’m floored and appalled, harassing him for my efforts and of course I ask him: “why not?”

And with this response began the rest of my life:

“Well…I…I…kinda like you…”

THEN: The night I found out he liked me: 03/03/2013

NOW: Outlander Photography: 12/2/2017

Victoria and Matthew's Engagement in Piedmont Park

how they asked

Matt proposed on my 23rd birthday. i always swore i would know the day he was going to do it because he hides his nerves as well as a fire alarm. he told me he had a fun day planned for me, which i didn’t suspect anything because it was my birthday. he didn’t tell me where we were going, and we arrived at Piedmont park. Matt set me up to believe we were doing a scavenger hunt, he just had to take me to the first clue which ended up being one of the gazebos at the pond. On our way to the pond, it started pouring!!! I mean an umbrella, poncho, and rain boots couldn’t have kept us dry. We embraced the sideways rain and continued to “the first clue.”

When we got to the gazebo, it was still raining sideways and we were still getting soaked. He stood in front of me to block the rain with his body and umbrella and handed me a book. The story of this book goes back to my last birthday…he had saved every single picture i had taken and sent to him in the last three years and put it together in a book to write his perspective of our love story and gave it to me for my last birthday. Fast-forward a year, this was the same book he handed me and I could tell he had added to it. I read it from the beginning, reliving the story he had already written and continued on to the stories he filled in from the last year. I was already in tears because of his whit and love i could feel through his words. I got to the last page and it held a blank photo with the words “here is a blank photo to fill in the rest of our lives..” and i lifted up the photo and under it read “Victoria…” I closed the book still in denial that this could be THE moment.

He reached into his back pocket and started to tear up, and even now i thought he was gonna hand me a piece of paper with our next clue for this said scavenger hunt. His tears started to come and he said something along the lines of wanting to spend the rest of his life with me but i was fully blacked out at that point. I WEPT (yes weeping, not crying) with joy and excitement and we hugged for a solid 10 min… I still hadn’t even looked at the ring, but it didn’t matter because i was about to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing man. Next thing i know, my family is behind me all in tears with their video cameras out and more soaked from the rain than we were (if that was possible). Matt coordinated with my family to have them hide in the bushes across the pond to capture the entire moment for us!!! This part i am most thankful for, because it is true what they say about this amazing moment…you really are swept away and have a hard time remembering everything that you just experienced. Matt sprung the most romantic moment that included rain and it felt like it was straight out of a movie that I don’t want to stop watching.

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