Victoria and Martin

How We Met: I have always known Martin. My mom grew up with his mom. Our families have attended Lebanon Cumberland Presbyterian Church for ages. I was always around Martin. It wasn’t until I was in seventh grade and came into youth group that Martin and I really became friends. We were never very close, though. We all hung out in a large group, and I had never thought anything else about it. Through the next 5 years we were friends but nothing more ever came from it. We both then went our separate ways to college. Once we had been away for a few years, a bunch of us decided to start having a bible study together. I immediately noticed Martin. He always looked so handsome. I knowingly tried flirting with him just to see where he stood. Our group took a trip to Fall Creek Falls and thats when the spark ignited.

how they asked: I had just got done running on May 2nd. Martin texted me asking if I wanted to go hiking with him and our two friends (Hannah and John). I debated going because I was supposed to go to brunch with some friends, but something told me that I should go hiking. I threw on some running shorts and hit the road. Nothing seemed out of the normal. Fast forward to our hike. Martin mentioned eating some fruit loops once we made it to the waterfall (which I thought was extremely weird considering we had just eaten). We finally make it to the waterfall and it was breath taking. There was a spot where you could stand behind the waterfall. Martin and I were walking to the waterfall while Hannah and John stood back taking pictures. I thought that they were just taking pictures because it was so pretty. I am looking at the waterfall while Martin his getting in his backpack (getting those fruit loops, I assumed). I turned around and there he was, down on one knee. I didn’t know what to think. Then those words came out of his mouth “Victoria, will you marry me?”. I went speechless and my knees started shaking. After what seemed like an eternity of astonishment, I obviously replied with yes! It was the most magical moment, ever.