Victoria and Kyle

Image 6 of Victoria and KyleHow We Met: We were freshmen in high school when we met, attending rival schools. Both of our families attended the same church and our fathers were in charge of setting up for the Easter service that year. We taped, then we untaped, added a cord, taped again, and did numerous tedious tasks together. We were both to shy to ask each other out and confided in a mutual friend about each other. She told me that he liked me and I gathered up every ounce of courage that I had and called him that night. I told Kyle that I liked him right off the bat and sure enough, forty five minutes later, he finally asked me out. So began the most rewarding and sweet relationship that I’ve ever been in.

how they asked: Last weekend, my high school sweetheart of five and a half years decided that he had had enough of me being his girlfriend in the best way possible. This is our story.

It was the most gorgeous day that we have had for months. Absolutely perfect. We spent the day together, going to his sisters Lacrosse game in Indianapolis and for a nice date night dinner at Harry & Izzy’s. Headed home to Crawfordsville, we stopped by his friend’s house for him to “pick up his tree stand”. Little did I know that this was the night to change everything.

After a few minutes waiting in the car, I get a call from Kyle saying that he needed me to get a saw out of the back end of his car because he couldn’t get his tree stand off of the tree. I resisted because there had to better way, but he insisted so I complied. I open the trunk of his car to find a card propped up in the middle saying,

Image 1 of Victoria and Kyle

“Hey, pretty girl! If you haven’t gotten it yet, I’m really not getting the tree stand. Enjoy the walk, and keep an eye on the benches along the way! I love you! P.S., I’m waiting.”

As I walk down the path to him, he had a note from a close friend or family member for me to read along with a rose and a candle at each bench along the way.

Image 2 of Victoria and Kyle

Image 3 of Victoria and Kyle

The last note was from him. Then, off to my left was the man that I love, waiting for me along a sandy bank of a creek.

Image 4 of Victoria and Kyle

I made my way there and we hugged, kissed, and I cried. He got down on one knee and proposed right then and there. It was the happiest moment of my life, and luckily, he had hired a photographer to capture the whole thing.

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Image 5 of Victoria and Kyle

Image 8 of Victoria and Kyle

Photos by Lexi Arielle