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It was Super Bowl Sunday in Philadelphia, and as a HUGE, die hard Eagles fan it was already an electric day to be in the city with my whole family. We had plans to head into the city and grab brunch at Nineteen. I was so excited to start the day celebrating my team being the Super Bowl. My sister in law was the master planner with my fiancé and they told me our reservation was at 9:45 and when we parked at 9:40 I knew we had to hustle over to the restaurant! As we were walking my mom had made it clear she wanted a family picture since all of us were together. We stopped on an median right in front of City Hall and “a stranger” (AKA our photographer who was waiting there for us, Ashley Walsh) was there to take a family picture. After a family picture Kyle looked at me and said do you want a picture of just us two? He knows I never turn down a photo op. As we are taking a picture I look to my right and see that he is down on one knee in front of my whole family asking me to marry him. It was such a dream I couldn’t believe it.

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To have my whole family there was such an amazing bonus and then I finally realized that “the stranger” that was taking our family picture had whipped out a big camera and captured the WHOLE thing! We then head over to Nineteen to enjoy an AMAZING brunch and enjoy plenty of toasts and photos. To make my day even better, as everyone knows, the Eagles won the Super Bowl and I couldn’t have had a more perfect day.

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