Victoria and Juan

How We Met

Believe it or not, we met at my parent’s house. Juan Andres used to go to school with my mom.
My mom was celebrating one of their classmate’s birthday. Since it was one of those milestones,
Maru (the birthday girl) wanted to do a big thing, she rented a limousine, bought a piñata and all
the props such as whistles, confetti, headbands, rings and bead necklaces to make it really
memorable. Here comes the funny part, they left school wearing all those props and while driving
to my house Juan looks at some girls in a car laughing and giving him the thumbs up about these
bead necklaces he was wearing, they all laughed about it and joked about what had happened,
and Juan says, “Maru I could have met the love of my live today and you had to hang this on my
neck” ..Well my friends, he actually did!!

How They Asked

This was the cutest, most romantic and sweet proposal ever… At least in my heart!
It was our first anniversary and Juan is very special, so I could sort of sense it was going to be a
special day, but I didn’t have the certainty of what that special day would be about. It was on a
Thursday and Juan sent me a video saying he had prepared a game for me; he spread some clues
that lead to each other with beautiful messages and memories. The last one lead to my dad and
he said “get ready because i’m driving you to dinner at 8pm”. When we got there, my dad dropped
me off and said he had to rush to a business meeting at Brickell. I noticed we were at Juan’s
workplace. Our friends Luisa and Camilo opened the door for me and I saw Juan sitting on a high
bench, playing guitar and singing along the song he wrote for me for my birthday. They told me to
sit on a bench in front of Juan to listen to the whole song. When the song came to an end, I
clapped and walked up to him to give him a hug; then he started talking to me and mentions the
promise God gave him about me (Ecclesiastes 4: 9-11) …finally he popped out the question and I
said yes! Suddenly I hear a lot of people cheering and clapping!! It turns out that my family,
friends and Pastors sneaked in as soon as I sat on the bench to listen… Everything looked so
beautiful! Juan together with other accomplices prepared everything at the studio from
decorations to cameras to make it an unforgettable moment. I loved every single detail from the
decorations to my lovely ring, but more importantly I feel happy an honored to get to build a
home, a family and a life together.

Special Thanks

Cortiella Photography
 | Photography
Hugh Taylor Birch State Park
 | Engagement Session