Victoria and Josh

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How They Asked

Josh knows how much I love sunflowers. On this day, we were celebrating our anniversary a little earlier. He told me he had a date planned for us and to not ask any questions. Of course, I had to ask some questions.

What do I wear? Is it going to be inside or outside? Where are we going? Fast forward to later in the day we are on our way to our date, and Josh pulls over in a parking lot and blindfolds me. “You can’t see where we are going from here.

Victoria's Proposal in Trauger’s Farm

We are almost there.” When we arrived he took my hand and told me to not let go and follow his lead. He led me to a chair and told me to take off my blindfold. As I took off the blindfold I saw exotic colors all around me. I felt immediate butterflies as I looked and saw I was surrounded by my favorite flower, sunflowers. Josh dropped to one knee and asked me the easiest question, “Will you marry me?”

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