Victoria and Jessi

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How We Met

“I love it when you call me señorita,” I told Jessi one day while mocking Camila Cabello in Shawn Mendes song. We had been talking as “just friends” through Instagram like every typical millennial. He would make fun of me for burning my Brussel sprouts and I would like all his dreamy pictures and stories from his last trip to New York.

That week Jessi started to flirt a lil and was talking to me like I was “more” than just a friend :) He has been in love with my eyes since he first met me seven years ago. That night I had uploaded a close-up video of my eyes and he quickly replied to my story with “with all the respect, you have beautiful eyes.” That weekend he replied to another story with “pero que guapa (beautiful) señorita” and that’s where all the compliments, details, sacrifices and acts began that made me quickly fall in love with Jessi. Without a doubt, God’s timing is perfect. We met seven years ago in our youth group office at church. He and Emilio Frias were special guests at our youth conference. My pastor Esteban had asked me to guide them to their seat in the auditorium and that was the moment I caught Jessi’s eye.

This was the small beginning of our story and during the next seven years, God had begun shaping and forming us in totally different cities until He brought us together at the perfect time, His time. After months of phone calls and FaceTime dates, Jessi drove 1,200 miles in January to come to see me for the first time after seven years. That weekend was a confirmation filled with peace on what we had been feeling.

Our relationship has always felt so natural and totally written by God’s hand. That Saturday while we were drinking “carajillos” in a patio, I texted Haley saying “I think HE is the one Hales, I think I am gonna marry that guy.” Despite the long distance between us and the fact that the pandemic kept us from seeing each other for a couple of months, our love, communication, and commitment grew with every phone call, FaceTime dates, and all the snail mail we used to send each other weekly like the good ol’ times.

In April, desperate to see each other again, we bought flights to celebrate my birthday in August in Tulum, MX. One of the last nights, I thought we were celebrating having a birthday dinner. Little did I know, Jessi had every detail planned to surprise me with the most beautiful ring and proposal. He had custom designed the ring, hand-picked the room Bri and I would stay at, did research to find the perfect time for the sunset, edited a video filled with surprise footage, and planned one of the most romantic beach dinners to celebrate this special night afterward. His proposal was more than I could have dreamed or imagined and just a small window of how intentional and romantic Jessi has been since the beginning. The words I would use to describe this trip to Tulum and Holbox would be that it was like an OASIS in the midst of so much craziness that solidified our love and commitment to one another.

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How They Asked

Without a doubt, these have been some strange times, but one thing I know for sure and is that when there is love, THERE IS MAGIC. But our love story and how I fell in love with Vicky will come at another time, very soon I will add it on this ‘our wedding’ site.

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Today I want to tell you about “The Proposal”. COVID definitely pushed back a lot of my plans and delayed the proposal a couple of months, but that was no excuse to not stay on track with the plan of surprising Vicky and propose to her with the ring of her dreams. The idea was to plan a trip together with some friends to Tulum, Mexico – “The Promise Land”. With the help of my family, we created all the props that we planned to set up and packed in them in “Diego’s luggage” so Vicky would have no idea. After a few hours of traveling, we finally arrived in Cancun. But to our surprise, it was raining and our phones showed a forecast of rain all week long. Despite the news, like a good Mexican, I did not give up on my plans but decided to move forward no matter what. However, I can tell you one thing for sure, I prayed like never before for God to do a miracle and hold the rain!

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Thank God, it stopped raining! Though the forecast said it could rain at any moment, to our surprise it did not rain UNTIL the morning that I had planned to propose, August 29th, 2020. That morning we drove from Tulum to Holbox Island, and as you can imagine, it was raining the WHOLE WAY to Holbox. Once we arrived, we took a ferry to the island. I was planning to wait until the last possible moment to set up and propose, in hopes that the weather would cooperate with us.

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To our surprise, the storm that was forecasted for that evening had actually changed direction and we were clear to proceed with our plans and get everything ready to rock n roll! Later that afternoon, Vicky and my friend went to the spa. This whole time, she thought we were gonna have a fancy dinner with all four of us to celebrate her birthday that night, but I had other plans for her. My friends were aware of everything and made sure everything was aligned as we had planned. Diego and I set up “the proposal spot” while the girls were at the spa, and you can see in the pictures everything went perfectly, and “the proposal spot” was impeccable, thank God!

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Later that evening, I went to Vicky’s room, and put some VR goggles on her so that she could watch a video I had made for her for “her birthday”. While she was watching the video I guided her to “the proposal spot” where I was going to give her another surprise, the engagement ring. Everything went even BETTER than I had imagined. God keeps on surprising us in our relationship from how easy it is to love each other, and He shows us that distance doesn’t matter because when god is at the center, there is love, communication, understanding, humility and respect. That’s our goal, for God to always be at the center of our hearts and in our marriage to come.

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