Victoria and Jack

How We Met

I met Jack while I was working and attending school at the University of Hartford. He worked in the Sports Center and so did I. He was always so shy and I would constantly joke around with him and make him turn bright red. After working together for two years one day everything changed. I sent Jack a hand delivered Valentine as a joke and he loved it. The next thing I knew I went into work on Valentine’s Day and he had a whole spread of chocolate, a teddy bear, a gift card to Starbucks, and a card. I was in such shock and he asked me to lunch. During the lunch I noticed that our energy shifted from friends to something more special. Ever since that day we have never ever looked back and couldn’t be more happier. I’ll never forget how one day I had to kiss him first because he was too shy and I just couldn’t wait one more second !

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how they asked

To celebrate my college graduation Jack and I traveled to Cancun, Mexico! While on the trip we were having the best time of our lives and it truly couldn’t get much better. On Sunday May 28th he told me that he had rented out the gazebo at the resort and that we would be enjoying a special dinner. When we walked into the gazebo rose petals covered the floor and Champagne was on ice surrounded by candles. The weather was perfect and the smile on his face was the biggest one I had ever seen. Next thing I know the waiter says, “The next course is going to be very delicious.” I opened up the serving cover and inside was a bed of roses with a very beautiful diamond ring in a rose. As if this moment wasn’t already so shocking I look over and he ordered fireworks to go off! (Good thing I said yes) It was the most magical moment of my life and I will never forget it. I couldn’t even finish my beef wellington because of all the excitement. Everyone had the best reaction and poured tons of support and well wishes upon us.

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