Victoria and Ian

How We Met: I first met Ian in high school. I was a nerdy freshman and he was a cute drummer, three years older, who dated my friend’s older sister. I never gave much thought to him, other than how cute he was, and if I was older he would be mine. Four years passed and I graduated. We were both at the same college and he messaged me on Facebook telling me that he was “deleting some friends” and wanted to know where he knew me from. Of course there was no good way for me to answer cause I looked like a little stalker, but later I found out this was part of his plan to ask me out. After thousands of messages back and forth, and an awkward first few dates, we started what has turned into one of the greatest things in my life.

how they asked: Ian came to me a few weeks before the big day and told me that he had bartered with this awesome photographer to do some work on her website in exchange for a couples shoot that we could give to our parents and grandparents. 

Ian and I loved taking picture together, so none of this sounded weird to me and I was super excited to have a professional taking shots for us. Of course, I went shopping. It was early spring, and I found this beautiful white dress to wear. I asked Ian if it seemed to “engagement” like, not knowing any of his plans, and he just smiled and said “No way, it looks beautiful.” The night before his mom took me out to get my nails done since I was having a stressful week. All of these things led up to the most perfect shoot in my life.

Engagement Session

That night was a terrible storm, houses were torn apart in north Georgia. Someone even found a cow in a tree! But the next day was beautiful. Clear skies. Warm Breeze. Perfect for our shoot. Once we got there we took a few casual pictures and then changed into my white dress and his khaki suit. Our photographer took us to this beautiful monument at Atlantic Station that gave a backdrop to the city. When we got the the bottom, our photographer started taking pictures. Ian then hugs me and tells me that he needed to confess some lies to me. I was so confused as to why he would do this now, while we were taking pictures…

He told me that he had lied when he told me he was out with his mom, he was really looking for rings, and that when he told me he was at lunch by himself he was really meeting with my dad to ask for his blessing to marry me. Next thing I know, he is down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen in my life.

Engagement Session

He proceeded to tell me that he loved me and “Would I make him the happiest man alive? Victoria Nicole, Will you marry me?” Just as I screamed “Yes!”

engagement story

I look up on the balcony and see all my family and loved ones watching and cheering on the whole thing. It was so magnificent and every moment I cherish was captured on film. It was the beginning of my “Happily Ever After.”

engagement ring

Pre-proposal and Proposal Photography was taken by Georgia Photographer Caroline Fontenot. To see more of the gorgeous pre-proposal pictures, click here. Or for more from the actual proposal, click here.