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I’ll never forget the first time that you talked to me, we were in an assembly (in high school) and you texted me “Hey”. I quickly texted my mom and told her this junior texted me and I wasn’t replying. Little did I know that boy that texted me would turn out to be my husband one day. A couple months or so later ya’ll won the state championship, and I was the one messaging you telling you congratulations. I can’t believe it all started there. I knew from the first we talked that you would be something special. So sophomore year came along and I had no idea I would get to date the person that would later become my best friend and the love of my life. I remember the day I fell in love with you, and ever since then you have transformed into the man that I want to marry.

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January 28, 2017 was just a normal day, I came home for the weekend thinking that me and Hunter were helping out a friend with a valentines day shoot. Well the day went on and I was getting ready for the so called “photo shoot” and Hunter showed up to my house acting a little stranger than normal. I remember telling my sister, “why is Hunter talking so much I think he is nervous.” Little did I know that he was huge ball of nerves because of what was about to happen.

Well we got in the car and headed towards Scarborough Farms where the photographer told me the shoot would be. We pulled up to the beautiful farm and we started taking some photos, there was even a videographer there that I thought was taking photos also (I know i’m oblivious). Well after about ten minutes of taking some photos, Hunter and Stephen said that they were going up towards the house to take some single shots, so of course I believed them. While they were taking “photos” I thought I was being interviewed for the photographers website, which I honestly was so thrown off by because the questions were so bizarre but now I know it was just a distraction.

Victoria and Hunter's Engagement in Scarborough Farms

I started heading up to where Hunter was taking “pictures” and I could see his face from where I was walking and nothing else, but I could tell he had the biggest smile on his face that I have ever seen. I kept walking and as I rounded the corner towards him I saw the sign that said “It was always you” and at that moment the tears started flowing and I knew what was happening.

Victoria's Proposal in Scarborough Farms

Once I saw that sign the walk to get to Hunter felt like a mile when really it was about ten steps.

Once I got to him and he picked up the ring box and got down on one knee, well I honestly couldn’t tell you what he said if it wasn’t for the video because I was in such shock and couldn’t believe that this was finally happening. Hunter told me how much I meant to him and once he finally asked, well of course I said YES!!

After all the excitement and a few pictures hunter took me to the small chapel they have on the property and prayed over our future and the season of our lives that we were about to enter. It was the perfect moment that we got to share together, in such a beautiful place.

Hunter ended the night with having all my friends, family, and best friends together at a party to celebrate such a special day for both of us.

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