Victoria and Hunter

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Daytona Beach, Florida

How We Met

Hunter and I are high school sweethearts. But it took him a long time to ask me to be his girlfriend, let alone his wife! When I was eight years old, Hunter’s cousin was my softball coach and we had practice at Pine Lake where there was a ball field we could practice on. Hunter would ride around on his four wheeler and he was the first crush I ever had. Hunter and I didn’t really become best friends until I was in middle school. I was actually the girl he went to when he was having girl problems, because he had never noticed that I was head over heels for him. I was the typical band nerd and he was on the football team so I just always assumed I would be just his friend. My junior year of high school we had study hall together and he started texting me after their first home game for the season. If you ask him for his side of the story, he will tell you that I was staring at him during the game. Which may or may not be true. Hunter texted me and told me that he had finally realized that after all these years that he knew he was in love with me, even if I only saw him as a friend. But of course I knew I was in love with him too. FINALLY on November 8th before his last home game (he was a senior) he pulled me aside and asked me to be his girl. Hunter has not left my side since. Around the time we started dating, I was diagnosed with a panic disorder and have spent years trying to figure out the right medication to be on. Hunter’s love for me never changed and we have grown closer to God every single day since. Twelve years later, I finally get to be his wife!

Victoria's Proposal in Daytona Beach, Florida

how they asked

We had never been on a vacation together before and Hunter had never been to Florida, let alone Daytona Beach. My grandma and grandpa were both born and raised in Daytona and my mom grew up there, so Daytona has a very special place in my heart. We booked a condo right on the beach really close to the pier where my grandfather grew up parking cars for the restaurant at the end of the pier. On June 11th, our final day of vacation, we went on our nightly walk on the beach. The entire week we had been collecting shells to fill a bottle with to celebrate our first vacation together. Hunter pointed out the most perfect shell that was just barely in the water. I went over to grab it and when I turned around he was down on one knee and I couldn’t believe it! The first words out of my mouth (I think, I was so overwhelmed that I can hardly remember the first few moments) were, “Does my mom know about this?!” and then of course after he giggled I screamed yes! There weren’t many other people walking the beach that evening, but two older women asked if they could take our picture and that they were so happy for us. His proposal was everything I could have ever asked for, just the two of us (basically) and the man of my dreams.