Victoria and Grant

how we met

We were briefly introduced to each other in high school at a basketball game, but were too busy with friends and the game to notice a connection at that time. Four years later, we met again at OCC, a local community college. We shared a table in ourHistory of American Music class, but did not notice a spark at that time either, because of where we were in our own lives. Several years went by as we lived our separate lives with many highs and lows. We would occasionally see each other at local community and church events, but it wasn’t until we were both on our own again did we notice the spark. February 22, 2017, things started coming in motion. A yoga class held in the back of a video store and tanning facility was the perfect location for us to meet again. I had been going to the sessions for a few weeks, but that night was Grant’s first time. We briefly spoke at the end of class, but Grant was the one to make the first move later that evening. He contacted me through messenger, since our time after class was not long enough. We continued to talk frequently for several weeks, until we officially became a couple on April 7, 2017.

how they asked

Grant and I went on our first vacation together to Destin, FL in August 2018. Even though we both would have loved a week long getaway, we were only able to get away for a short extended weekend. Grant and I left town late on a Thursday and drove through the night to make it to Destin by dawn. After a quick power nap, we were both ready to start this soon to be life changing day. Friday was full of sun, crystal clear water, and exploring. After kayaking out and spending most of our day at Crab Island, we ventured back to shore for much needed food. As the day was coming to an end, Grant decided we still had time to visit the white sandy beaches. Lucky for Grant and I, most families had turned in for the night, and the beach was left to just the two of us. Relaxing on the white sand, under the moonlight, while listening to the waves of the ocean was the perfect way to end the first day. However, Grant had one more surprise hidden in his pocket to add to this night. At 11:30pm, he leaned over to ask me to spend the rest of our lives together. I said “YES”, beginning our next big adventure.

Special Thanks