Victoria and Georgios

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How We Met

Georgie and I started dating 12 years ago. Over those 12 years, we have been through so many exciting things and some heartbreaking things. One night Georgie asked me when the time was right what was important about him proposing with a hesitation I said the only thing that mattered was my grandma seeing the ring and knowing he was doing it. My grandma and I were best friends she often joked that I was her fourth child that she has later on in life, unfortunately, my grandma died March 15, 2016.

how they asked

Fast forward to January 17 2017 my grandma birthday . I woke up dreading the day not being able to be with her and having to celebrate her birthday without her seemed impossible. I woke up to a text message from Georgie saying I love you I know today is hard with why don’t I help you babysit. For one year I went to West Point to help my sister with her four kids while my brother in law was deployed. Without thinking I answered with a sure I would love that. I got out of work at 5 to a text message from Georgie saying his car was giving him trouble and asked if I could meet him at my house I drove home and honked the horn he didn’t come out he texted me and asked for me to come inside he needed help. I walked into 11 balloons for each year we were together at the time. He was in my living playing the theme song from Pixar’s Up, my favorite movie he wrote me a sappy love note which ended with telling me to approach the man playing the piano. He got on one knee and asked me to join in on this forever adventure. I know my grandma wasn’t alive to see it but I felt her spirit the moment Georgie proposed would have been the moment she would have been blowing out her candles and I would bet my life that would have been one of her birthday wishes.