Victoria and Evan

Image 1 of Victoria and Evan

How We Met

Our first date took place at The Gate House. After dinner, neither of us were ready for the night to end, so we drove over to Salinger’s to play darts. After a few hours, it still didn’t feel like enough time. The next day I was leaving for San Diego & Evan rearranged his schedule to take me to lunch before my flight.

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After that lunch, Evan and communicated non-stop & by the time I returned home, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Call us crazy, but Evan knew I was “the one” after our first date & I didn’t question it either. It’s true when they say love happens unexpectedly.

Image 4 of Victoria and Evan

How They Asked

My close friend Kaleigh is a photographer and Evan reached out to her to see if she’d help him with the proposal. Kaleigh created a giveaway (she knew I’d enter it) and I “won” third place which was a free shoot for me and Evan. I had no idea that the giveaway was fake and Evan had planned this.

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We started the shoot by taking a few photos and then she positioned us so that my back was to him. That’s when she handed him the ring!! After that, she instructed him to run up to me and hold me from behind… I stood there waiting but he didn’t do it. I turned around and there he was on one knee!

Image 8 of Victoria and Evan

Special Thanks

Kaleigh Moore
 | Photographer