Victoria and Erik

How We Met

We met through friends! Erik’s childhood best friend and one of my closest girlfriends were dating. For months they told us about one another, but neither of us were interested in getting into a serious relationship. “You guys would be perfect for each other! You’re so much alike!” He lived in Chicago, and I lived in Grand Rapids. We ended up going out to grab drinks as a big group one night when Erik was in town visiting from Chicago. We hit it off and the very next weekend I went to Chicago with a group of girl’s to celebrate my birthday. We met up with Erik and the rest was history! Erik moved to Grand Rapids two months later. We started officially dating only a few weeks after meeting. When you know, you know!

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Image 2 of Victoria and Erik

how they asked

Erik had surprised me with a fancy new camera a week before we had a tripped planned to go to Northern Michigan for the weekend.

We stayed at a gorgeous cabin overlooking Lake Michigan. We went snow shoeing along the coast, drank champagne, & played games all morning and into the afternoon. We got ready to go to one of our favorite breweries, Short’s Brewing Company in Bellaire, Michigan. When I finished getting ready Erik had the camera set up on the tripod to take some nice pictures of us for our house. Little did I know, he had the setting on video and was recording. Erik wrote me a beautiful letter, which is how our relationship began when he lived in Chicago and I was in Michigan…we became pen pals. In the letter he referred to a toast that he had given the first month we began dating, about the memories to come. Later I found out, he knew I was the woman he wanted to marry the night he gave that speech. I finished the letter, he kissed me, and got down on one knee. It was the greatest moment, all the while Biggie Smalls was playing in the background.

I was in a constant state of shock on the 20 minute drive to Short’s Brewing Company. When we walked in we were greeted by my parents and 6 of my very best friends and their significant others. Erik had rented a 14 person house for them on Lake Michigan. We screamed with excitement, cried, laughed, danced, and drank way to much Short’s Soft Parade. We all went back to the cabin where the party continued into the wee hours.

Opening my eyes that next morning I awoke to a huge picture window over looking the snow on Lake Michigan, surrounded by family, friends, my new fiance, and the most perfect engagement story to share.

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