Victoria and Enrico

Proposal Ideas Our new house

How We Met

Enrico and I met during our senior year of high school in 2010. We sat next to each other in our ceramics class where we started to become friends. Around homecoming time I wanted so badly for Enrico to ask me to the dance, but he never did, so I decided to go with another guy instead.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our new house

After homecoming Enrico started to text me a lot more, and we developed a really good friendship. Fast forward to two weeks before prom, and Enrico asked me to be his girlfriend and we’ve been dating ever since!

How They Asked

Enrico and I had been looking for houses together since the beginning of 2018. We had fallen in love with a few houses, only to have our offer rejected. It was a really frustrating process that was incredibly discouraging.

One Friday in April a house popped up on the market that we decided to check out. We were the first people to tour the house and the moment I walked in I just knew this was the house for us! We knew we wanted this house more than anything, so we decided to write a letter and attach it with our offer. In our letter I explained that I am a teacher and that Enrico was training to be a Pilot in the Air Force. I explained how comfortable I felt in the house and neighborhood since I will be home alone quite a bit while Enrico is at training.

The next day my aunt, who was our realtor, called me and said that our offer had been accepted! It turns out that the owner of the house was a retired teacher and her husband (who had since passed) was in the military. This house was truly meant to be ours in so many ways, and we couldn’t wait to finally move in.

While I was getting us ready to move, Enrico was busy dreaming up a proposal. He met with my mom and dad and asked for their permission to marry me (all the heart eyes for this one!) and then started planning with my mom, his mom, and my sister on how to pull it off!

May 29th was the day we closed on the house. The morning was filled with paperwork and signatures, but it was all worth it when we finally got the keys! Our plan had always been to immediately call our parents and tell them to head over to our house so they could start to help us get everything moved, but Enrico told me to hold off on calling everyone. I thought it was weird, but I figured he wanted a moment to rest before the craziness of moving started.

When I walked into the house I turned the corner into the kitchen and saw a beautiful flower arrangement on the counter. I thought it was from the former homeowner (she had been an absolute gem the entire process) and I made a comment about how sweet it was that she did that. Enrico piped in and said, “those flowers are actually from me” and when I turned around, and he was on one knee. I immediately started crying, and then I looked down at the most beautiful diamond ring and I couldn’t even think straight! However, I did manage to get out a “yes”.

Our families finally arrived at our house and we had a great time celebrating with them. However, the fun didn’t stop there! That night my mom had a party for our entire extended family at her house. They all thought they were coming over for dinner to celebrate Enrico and I buying a house, so we got to tell every person when they arrived that they were actually here to celebrate our engagement. May 29th was the most special day, and I love that one of the most important moments of my life happened in our new home!