Victoria and Eli

Image 1 of Victoria and Eli

How We Met

Eli and I met on the first day of school of my freshmen year, his sophomore year, August 2011 in Llano, Texas. We were in the same computer class when I was seated next to him. I remember laughing when the teacher called Elis name as “Ellie” (which is now a running joke between us). The next weekend we had a church retreat with our youth group. Obviously during the weekend I made it my mission to get to know Eli and hoping he would notice me. I then took it upon myself to message Eli the following weekend to invite him to our family skeetshoot. He must of noticed me because he accepted my invitation and met our very large family. We hung out all day Saturday at the shoot and then attended a movie that night. At the movies I remember a fellow classmate coming up to us and asking if we were on a date. Naturally, we awkwardly look at each other and shrugged our shoulders. I then blurted out, “yeah we’re on a date.”

How They Asked

Eli had a plan to ask our first day of safari in Africa, however my mom broke both her wrist so he had to postpone his proposal till we knew she was okay. He recruited my cousin to help hide the ring so that I wouldn’t find it in our room. Eli picked the perfect spot in the middle of the Serengeti. We were camping in tents in the middle of Africa and he proposed by a river. It was perfect and magical and a memory I will never forget. We can’t wait to get married April 2021