Victoria and Dylan

How We Met

Dylan was in the film department at University of South AL were working on a student film that had been assigned. He and his classmates needed actors/actresses for the project and they reached out to Tori who was a student in the Theatre Department. As fate would have it, Tori loved film too. She carried a canon around the college campus before vlogging was considered cool. The first time the two met in person was in fact captured on camera from Tori’s POV. She was helping to shoot “behind the scenes” for the student project. (Want to witness? This video was posted 10/26/13 ???? ) We’ve since worked on many films together, including several features.

How They Asked

The way it happened was so peaceful. We were visiting the Gatlinburg, TN area with family for the Thanksgiving holiday. Tori’s family rented out a cabin, however they weren’t there for the actual proposal. Dylan took Tori to a look out called Caylor’s Gap. On the way there, we held hands and listened to sweet, soft music. The lyrics of the love songs got to Tori and actually caused her to tear up in the car before Dylan even popped the question. (Maybe she knew what was happening?)Dylan started to ask about memories from special moments in our relationship in order to distract her from the real reason we were driving up to Caylor’s Gap. “Do you remember when…”We pulled into the little parking lot at the top of the mountain look-out point. Dylan waved to a woman who was patiently sitting in her vehicle. He told Tori they were meeting someone for a photoshoot. …Right. Our photographer, Ashlyn from Willow and Rove introduced herself and directed us to come pose ‘n play in front of her camera. We had a blast! We honestly got lost in portrait-land. Tori became oblivious to what actually was going on. Meanwhile, Dylan and Ashlyn were waiting for sunset. That was the plan for when he was to ask the special question. Side note: It was late November and pretty chilly in the mountains. In between taking photos, Dylan would drape his jacket over Tori’s shoulders. Unknowingly to her, it had the ring in the side pocket!Finally, it was time for the special moment. Dylan took Tori’s hands and said, “do you ever feel like someone has shown you a snapshot of life? Almost like seeing your future before it happens. That’s how I feel life is with you. Will you marry me?”“She nodded my head to keep back the tears. “Oh my gosh!” “OH MY GOD.” “YES.””HOLY MOLY!!!”Pretty sure she repeated all of the above about 1000x. We kissed and hugged and jumped for joy!After posing for a few more photos, we said our goodbyes to the photographer. (Btw, she did a phenomenal job!) The two of us stayed behind to soak up the feeling of Caylor’s Gap for just a few moments longer. At this point only a handful of minutes of sunshine were left. People started to clear out of the parking lot. We turned the car radio on and let the music pour out the rolled down windows. It was nice to gaze over the mountain together and stare into the big, open unknown. “I GET TO MARRY VICTORIA BLACKMON! SHE’S GONNA BE MY WIFE!!” Dylan yelled into the valley. “I SAID YESSSSS!!!” Tori followed. The future was officially ours to take on together.



Special Thanks

Willow + Rove
 | Photography