Victoria and Derek

How They Asked

We go up to Derek’s family cabin in Grayling, Michigan at least once a year. We have always enjoyed going there and one of the first places I ever road a dirt bike. We usually go in the fall when the leaves start to change and then we close it up for the winter. This weekend in September we invited a couple of our friends to come with us to enjoy the last bit of nice weather before it would start to get cold.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Grayling, Michigan

Our friend Paige is a photographer on the side and had brought her camera and was taking pictures of the dogs playing in the water. I did not find anything out of the ordinary since she is a photographer and she normally has her camera with her. Derek, I and our friends were all sitting at the table that night and as we were starting to make dinner I did not notice all of our friends go inside the house with all of the dogs. Once they were all inside Derek came up and asked if I wanted to walk down to the water and if I wanted to leave my beer at the table. Well, I kept my beer, cause why would I want to set it down? We were all hanging out relaxing. As we walked closer to the water we stopped and Derek embraced me in a side hug. I could sense something was going on, and I could feel his heart beating.

Derek started saying I was perfect for him, and he loves how hard I work and much more. I was about to ask if he was okay because this was really out of the ordinary for him. He then pointed to my left and asked what was in the water, and as soon as I turned away and when to answer him (there was a seagull) he asked, “So what are you doing the rest of your life?” I was honestly speechless for what Derek says was 10 min, but I eventually said yes and with our friends cheering in the background.

What made the moment even more special was that he designed the ring and used the stones from his grandmother’s ring, and some of the stones from his grandmother’s ring were from her mom’s ring.

Special Thanks

Paige Helms
 | Photographer