Victoria and Dean

How We Met

Dean & I met in town on our Christmas party night out. I knew some of the guys he was there with that night & he subtly asked to put a good word in for him. He always tried to play it cool. There was a hypnotist in the bar that night which we joke must have had something to do with it.

how they asked

We had planed an adventure for that Monday. Dean had went on about needing to get a rucksack  & I was just faffing about spending hours getting ready as usual. We set of and walked the lovely coastline of Lagos, in through alcoves & private beaches, stopping for refreshments & taking pictures along the way. We finally made it to our destination, Ponte de Piedade. We had seen a picture on Instagram earlier that week, & the views were even more breathtaking in real life. We started our decent down to the bottom, & we reached the spot at the same time as another couple. They asked us to take a picture of them & in return we asked if they would take one of us. So I was straight down fixing the hair, & as I whipped round, Dean was coming down the steps with his hand in his pocket. It was like slow motion, I just seen the box & the next thing he was down on one knee. The tears were just flooding my eyes, & I looked up & this lovely couple were snapping a way at pictures. I was in such shock & the ring was totally jaw dropping. I was over the moon.