Victoria and Davis

Wedding Proposal Ideas in St. George Island, Fl

How We Met

Davis and I have known each other our whole lives. When we were in middle school we would walk together to the high school nearby because my Mom worked there and his older sisters who went to the high school would take him home. Turns out, he had a crush on me then and would walk me over to the high school even when he didn’t have his older sisters there to take him home. After that, we grew up close friends and finally started dating on Halloween of my senior year after he asked me to homecoming. We’ve been together almost six years now.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in St. George Island, Fl

how they asked

My favorite place to vacation is St. George Island, Fl. This past June I went to St. George for a weekend to visit Davis and his family who were renting a beach house there. One of our favorite things to do while there is going to Apalachicola for a date night and walking around the cute little shops downtown. While I was visiting, Davis took me to our favorite restaurant on the water in Apalachicola before heading back to St. George Island right around sunset. When we got back to the house we had planned to walk down to the dock and watch the sunset, but before we could get there he spun me around and on the house I saw the words “Marry Me?” lit up. He proposed to me with a ring he designed around his great-grandmother’s diamond and to top it all off, he had my family there to see the whole thing and surprise me afterward. It really was more perfect than I ever could have imagined.