Victoria and David

How We Met

David and I went to high school together, though we never met in person… David was three years older and our paths just hadn’t crossed! I actually had the biggest crush on him when he was in Grade 12 and I was in Grade 10!! We ended up at the same university just outside our hometown and I worked at the clothing store on campus. One day he came in with some friends looking for a gift for his Mother (who I had known through his little sister) … I helped him pick it out and we connected instantly! Our relationship has continued to grow ever since that day… We’ve travelled lots and I always think to myself that I was so lucky I picked up that extra shift!

Image 1 of Victoria and David

how they asked

We had been doing long distance for 5 months while he was working and I went to visit him. He had a trip planned to the Canadian Rockies for when I was there and we were staying in a beautiful log cabin at Patricia Lake. The next morning we went to a canyon in the Rockies and then started the drive home. We were meant to stop at one other canyon but then the GPS failed… Little did I know that he had the entire proposal planned for the second stop!! When he realized he missed the stop he asked me to drive because he wasn’t feeling well (while really he was trying to decide how he would now propose, as it was too late to drive back !!) We got home to our apartment and I immediately got into my pajamas and started watching TV and relaxing, just happy to be together until I had to head back to the east coast for school… Later that evening in the sweetest way he asked me to be his wife on the couch in our little apartment… and it could not have been more perfect. No canyons or waterfalls… Just the immense amount of love and comfort that has always been shared between us. Starting our engagement in a private moment, just the two of us, was the most romantic way of all!! Image 2 of Victoria and David