Victoria and Daren

Image 1 of Victoria and Daren

How We Met

Working for H-E-B grocery store. I actually started working for him back in 2014, months went on and I started to get to talking and knowing him. There was one night we had to close the department together and I was the one who actually made the first move and told him that I liked him. Here we are going on 6 years together, I made the best decision telling him those words!

How They Asked

We were on vacation in Colorado. I had a feeling but I wasn’t sure it would happen. On the second day, we were there, we traveled up to Golden Gate Canyon Park. I love the mountains! We haven’t been up to this area, so I just thought we were going for a ride to see the scenery. We pulled into the park’s parking lot and we all got out and started walking to a bench area and look over the mountain. The family that was with us, knew what was going on and didn’t say anything. As we walk, the dad noticed a bicycle in the way and said “sir can I ask you about your bike over here”, I looked as he finished asking the bystander about his bike and kept walking. We get to close the tall rail and my boyfriend at the time pulled out a rose and said “you know I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you”. The funniest thing I did and I still laugh about it, “uh what are you doing”. After I asked him that, he got down on one knee and proposed to me. Of course, I said yes. I can’t wait to spend our lives together.