Victoria and Colton

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How We Met

When I was in 6th grade, this red-headed guy caught my eye. I was much too shy to even try to get his attention at the time. Fast forward to November 2017, Colton’s dad came into the pharmacy I worked at. I had no clue who his dad was and hadn’t even thought about Colton in years. The last I’d heard, he was a marine and he was stationed in Hawaii. Long story short, I ended up figuring out that I was talking to Colton’s father thanks to an old friend. I told him to tell Colton that I said hello and his dad said that he’d be home the following week for Thanksgiving. I didn’t think anything else of it. That is until I saw Colton walk by while I was busy helping a customer. That night he messaged me on Facebook to catch up and next thing I knew, he was my boyfriend.

how they asked

Colton had come home to visit from Hawaii where he was stationed. We decided to take a short weekend trip to Gatlinburg with his younger brother Nate. We left on a Thursday afternoon and met up with one of his friends the next day. We had eaten breakfast and walked back to our hotel to grab some things before driving to Cades Cove. Colton tells Nate to go with me to the room and get something. When we get the room, Nate tells me I can’t look at what he’s getting. I just thought, “okay, he’s 9. There’s no telling what he doesn’t want me to see.” So I obliged and then we walked back downstairs, where he hands something to Colton. Again I didn’t think anything about it. Nothing happened that Friday so I forgot about it. On the drive back home, Colton tells me to look for a nice place to pull over and take pictures. I agreed and about halfway up the mountain, I spot a waterfall on the side of the road and we pull off. The three of us get out and start climbing the waterfall. Then Colton and I take a selfie together and climb back down. At the bottom I have my back to him, talking to Nate when Nate’s face turns into a huge smile and I get confused. I’m like “what?” And Nate tells me to turn around. When I do, I’m met by Colton down on one knee asking me to marry him. And I cried. It was so beautiful and intimate besides the fact his little brother was with us.

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