Victoria and Cody


How We Met

I met Victoria while I was getting my hair cut by her boss. She was the newest hairstylist that caught my eye as soon as I walked in. I always made sure to speak to her when I had an appointment. I had a massive crush on her that she wasn’t aware of. She even tried to play matchmaker for me and another girl. Apparently, Victoria had a crush on me too that I had no idea about. But was trying to hide it because  she was a single mom and didn’t think that I would be interested in her. As time went on, we talked more and more and got to know each other very well. And then it was revealed from the both of us that we had feelings for one another for a long time. Once that was revealed, we became inseparable! And still are today. We fell in love so quickly but so perfectly. And we knew that when we looked at each other, we saw an amazing future together.

how they asked

We went on a mini vacation to Nashville, Tennessee. During this vacation, I ended up hitting an animal, my bank account was hacked, and got in a car accident. To what seemed to an unfortunate first couple days, I had one more day to make up for it. I had contacted my best friend who is a photographer in Nashville. To help me out with a proposal. He told me about the Arrington Vineyard and said it would be a great place to take pictures of me proposing. Victoria thought we were just taking a couple of fall pictures together after tasting some delicious wine. After a few normal poses, my friend said he needed, “One more.” While he was fidgeting with the camera, I got down on one knee to ask my best friend to marry me. She was completely shocked and overtaken with excitement and said yes! We are both looking forward to an amazing future with our little girl!


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