Victoria and Clinton


How We Met

I met Victoria for the first time in February 2012, My best friend was dating Victoria’s best friend at the time. I remember laying eyes on Victoria for the first time at her friends house and straight away i had butterflies and i was drawn to her. Throughout the night i sat close to her and made cheesy remarks one that i can remember was i touched her hand and said it was so soft and beautiful everyone laughed and thought it was funny, however, i knew there was something special about Victoria. As the night progressed i can be blamed for filling Victoria’s cup a few to many times with a teenagers favourite wine which resulted in Victoria feeling unwell and disappearing of to bed.

Feeling guilty and shattered that this amazing girl had left us to finish the night without her, i pursued Victoria to see if she was okay. Im pretty sure she felt like death at the time and didn’t want to see me, however, i walked into the room and one way or another i layer next to her and cuddled her all night without making a move on her.

Victoria left the following morning, i was left without her phone number but held onto a hope that Facebook would be my saviour. Victoria and I spoke online, she wanted to see me again! Our first ever date was valentines day where i picked her up from school, we had a great time.


The rest is history….


how they asked

Victoria and I where in Nusa Lembongan a small island of the coast of Bali,Indonesia. All along i knew my window of opportunity was Batu Karang, Nusa Lembongan. Its an amazing 5 star luxury resort with magical views. I managed to hide the ring for the entire stay,i stashed it behind the safe i couldn’t believe Victoria missed it, she was going through everything in suspicion but never knew what i was up to or even that I had a ring.

2 days before checking into Batu Karang resort, I told Victoria i would go to the reception to book dinner for that night, however, i locked in a flower bath for the first night we checked in which would say MARRY ME ??


The big day arrived and Victoria had no idea, i sent her off in the afternoon to get her nails done and a massage during the flower bath construction.

Victoria came back later than expected, I was ready!! Victoria came in and I told her to go outside to look at the bath while i turned around and position myself on the deck with the background being the ocean and mountains. Victoria read the bath and came out to find me on my knee where i asked her to marry me. We were both filled with emotions. She said Yes!!! It was magical!!






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