Victoria and Chase

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How We Met

Chase and I met in NYC where I was living at the time 2 1/2 years ago at a UT Texas chili cook-off event where we were introduced by mutual friends. Being the world’s biggest TCU fan, he of course showed up wearing his purple and white with a huge smile on his face (not the ideal all black NYC uniform). I was never sure if I believed in love at first sight until that day happened. We had this unexplainable magnetic attraction towards one another that was something I’ve never felt with anyone I had ever met. I was able to look past the purple shirt and actually give him a chance to hang out with me that day. The next day Chase had to fly back to Dallas where he lived and saying goodbye to each other was weirdly hard to do. We talked on the phone and discussed how we’d like to see each other again sooner vs. later and picked Denver as a destination spot to meet less than 2 weeks later. I flew and met Chase in Dallas where I had a quick layover, and we got on the same flight to Denver. Walking up and seeing his face again at the TGI Fridays in DFW airport by heart began to beat extra fast and I felt that “butterfly” feeling I was so nervous but excited and happy to see him! I know now that feeling was mutual during that moment. After our wonderful weekend together in Denver we both decided to start dating long distance and did so for a year. The distance was actually manageable as we both were fortunate with work and being able to see each other so much. A year later, I decided to move to Dallas and Chase helped move me back down south. Our 2 year anniversary we went back to Denver and also Boulder since Colorado is where we solidified our feelings and relationship in the first place. We like to call it our “happy place” where we fell in love!

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how they asked

Last weekend, Chase and I took a spontaneous trip to Boulder because he had flight miles that were going to expire and needed to be used – so I thought. We always take quick trips so nothing seemed out of the ordinary. We stayed at the St. Julian (our favorite hotel) and had a fun Friday night out on Pearl street. Saturday Chase said we’d go to a nice brunch and then a pumpkin patch (because I had been dying to go!) so to wear my normal clothes vs. hiking gear. Post brunch we wanted to take a cheesy mountain selfie under the flatirons before the pumpkin patch. As we’re pulling up to South Mesa Trailhead I was nervous to walk up the hike because it was slightly muddy and I was in suede booties! Chase talked me into walking up the trail a little bit to take our Fall “selfie” before the pumpkin patch. We reached a point in the trail and Chase throws the selfie stick down. I leaned down to pick it up and as I turned back around Chase put his arm around me and said “Babe, come here” and pulled out a folded piece of paper out of his pocket. I laughed and said what are you doing? He started to read “Ever since I met you on that rainy day in New York”….”Our love is as strong as these mountains behind us”…etc. and I started to realize what was happening! I slightly turned and noticed the photographer far away and it all clicked what was happening, he was proposing! Chase didn’t read the full proposal from the paper but said he wanted me to have it forever so he wrote it down. I obviously said yes and our photographer captured these beautiful photos of us under the flatirons with my selfie stick in hand. That night we had dinner at Flagstaff House (another favorite) and departed back to Dallas first class the next day. When we landed Chase surprised me with a limo that had my favorite champagne & flowers inside that led us to a destination unknown. I couldn’t believe the fairy tale was still continuing! The limo dropped us off quickly to change and I assumed we were going to some nice dinner. We pulled up to the Mansion at Turtle Creek where both our families surprised us with the most beautiful engagement celebration. Candles, white flowers, and photos of us were all over the room it was stunning! I was so grateful and appreciative of how much time he put into planning the perfect proposal and engagement for me. I can’t wait to spend my life with him and look forward to several more trips to Colorado.

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Special Thanks

Jason & Gina
 | Photography
Jenny Martell Photography
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Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek
 | Engagement Dinner