Victoria and Bryan

How We Met

We met in college at St. Mary’s through mutual friends. The first time they talked was at an improv party when Bryan asked Victoria to dance to the LMFAO’s seminal classic “Sexy and I Know It.” He then proceeded to ask Victoria for her last name (a very weird question to ask at a college party). That was when Victoria knew there was something intriguing about this boy though we wouldn’t actually start dating until the next semester. College drama ensued but we made it through and now own a house in Canton with our lovely dog, Stella!

How They Asked

Victoria: Bryan proposed on the roof deck. The one thing I wanted from the proposal was pictures. Luckily for Bryan, there was an open house going on two doors down which also has a roof deck. A man happened to be checking out said roof deck when Bryan went out to scope the situation.
“Man, can I ask you a weird favor?” Bryan said.
Turns out the man was game to help out a hapless romantic and agreed to take some photos. Bryan ran across the rooftops and handed this stranger his phone. He then came back downstairs and said to me, “Hey, you gotta come look at these weird clouds.”
I was suspicious but came up to the deck. He then pulled out the ring box and said the magic words, “Will you marry me?” and I said yes!
We were both unreasonably nervous about the whole endeavor. Bryan went and got his phone back and we both went back inside to watch more Letterkenny on Hulu and call our families to let them know the good news. Bryan: y’all, she DID NOT see it coming. I had definitely made photographer plans months in advance and she was totally surprised about it. Wait, she said WHAT!?



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