Victoria and Brian

How We Met

Brian and I met in June of 2016 when I started as an intern at the company we both work for now. We clicked instantly and became close friends not long after. I tried to deny my feelings for him in the beginning but he became my very best friend that I couldn’t picture life without.

Where to Propose in Laurita Winery (New Jersey)

He would always talk about our future, our kids, and so on. I played along and always thought he was joking or messing with me until he admitted he told a coworker of ours on the very first day he spotted me, that he was going to make me his wife. One year and three months later, I officially became his girlfriend.

Proposal Ideas Laurita Winery (New Jersey)

How They Asked

We celebrated our 2 year anniversary in September with a trip to Italy and Greece. It was both of our first time traveling to Europe and we were really excited to go. All of my friends and coworkers that knew about this trip were convinced Brian was going to propose there since it was going to be such a special trip for both of us. They asked me so many questions and had me convinced as well!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Laurita Winery (New Jersey)

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Laurita Winery (New Jersey)

When I returned home, with no ring, I assumed it was too soon and that he wasn’t planning on asking for a while. About a month later, we visited Laurita Winery on the most beautiful day in October and he took me on a walk through the vineyard.

Brian wanted to capture the scenery and the sunset so I set up my camera and tripod as he did the same with his drone. I expected nothing because we are so used to taking pictures and videos at all of the special places we visit. Much to my surprise, he dropped down to his knee so fast and asked me to marry him! I SAID YES!!

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