Victoria and Brenden

How We Met

My fiancé, Brenden and I met in freshman year of high school. My best friend, Brianna and I went to rivalry high schools and one day told me there was this boy in her class who was rather interesting. Because of Brianna, we got connected on Instagram and would talk as friends for the longest time. Until one day Brenden just blocked me out of nowhere with no explanation. I was rather sad even though we were just friends. About two weeks later, Brenden unblocked me and said he was sorry for blocking me but he was talking to someone.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Ball drop in New York City

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Ball drop in New York City

Victoria and Brenden's Engagement in The Ball drop in New York City

Proposal Ideas The Ball drop in New York City

Since we were freshmen in high school and at that immaturity level, everything was like the end of the world. I’d say about a month later, Brenden blocks me AGAIN! Yet, with an explanation this time…he said he was talking to another girl! Months upon months passed, I got into a bad “relationship” and out of one immediately. By October of the following year, Brenden reached out to me again. By this point I should have been done trying to talk to him after all the times I was BLOCKED for no reason but he wanted to say he realized that I was the only one for him and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. We were sophomores in high school and I thought that was rather far fetched, but here we were now 4 years later!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Ball drop in New York City

How They Asked

My dream proposal ever since I was little, was to be in my hometown. I am a New Yorker and always will be no matter where I may move to. For the new decade, Brenden and I didn’t really have any special plans. On December 30th, my mom asked me what Brenden and I were planning to do for New Years and I said nothing much, maybe just stay home, watch the ball drop on television, and cook. My mother proceeded to ask me if I’d like to go to NYC to watch the ball drop in person, even though I had just come back from New York a week prior. I was shocked considering the ball drop was THE NEXT DAY and thought that idea was impossible and out there. I told her I doubt there would be flights or hotels anyway they have to be all booked or a million dollars. My mother found a hotel, it was the Hilton Midtown. The first hotel Brenden has ever been to in New York the previous year. My mother immediately booked everything and said pack your bags you’re leaving 6 am tomorrow morning. She told me it was her gift to us for the New Year. I was in shock. The next day, Brenden and I waited 14 hours in Time Square along with many others who were as eager as us to watch the ball drop. When the ball dropped everyone was having such a great time, then I saw Brenden trying to get on top of the platform stage right in front of us. I was kinda embarrassed because I didn’t know what he was doing and the NYPD was right there telling him to get off. I turned to talk to a girl I met, and all of a sudden the NYPD was telling me to get on the stage and take a picture with Brenden. They pulled me up and we walked to the tip of the stage as he bent down on one knee and took the most gorgeous ring out and asked me if I would marry him. The crowd was cheering and the NYPD was filming everything. This was the best moment of my life that I think about each day.

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