Victoria and Bradley

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How We Met

Brad and I were both newly single, both having been in long relationships that left us a little jaded about love. At the right moment, a friend of mine and a friend of his started dating. Labor Day 2015, I was coming home from a weekend at the beach and my friend was with her new boyfriend and Brad. She decided to ask me if it’d be okay to give him my number. I told her, “I don’t think he’ll like me, but sure”. So naturally, I find him on Facebook to see what kind of person I’m potentially dealing with, haha! What I found was a man with a clear love for D.C. sports and a love for his friends and family. He looked kind and funny.

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Then, I get a text message from him! I didn’t save his number for weeks, assuming he’d back out. But he has been the most consistent and loving man I have ever met! After texting for almost a week, we met up at a bar with the other couple. The moment I walked in and sat down, it was like we were the only people in the bar. Our friends left, and I couldn’t even tell you when they left or if we even spoke to them. We sat and talked until 4 AM! He has never changed since the moment I met him. He always puts me first and I am honored to marry him! The day we met was September 7, 2015, and the day we will get married in September 7, 2019!

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how they asked

A little over two years ago we were set up by two friends who had recently started dating. We both had only been a few months single from long relationships and were skeptical of how this might turn out. But, we hit the ground running and through all the nerves and the anxiety, we found what we needed in each other. Brad showed me a love I never knew existed. Within our first year of dating, we suffered a miscarriage. Though unexpected, we were devastated and we grew exponentially as a couple and in love. I can’t imagine my life without Brad and all the friends and family we have brought together in these two years. Our lives were finally moving in the right direction. We both landed great jobs and little did I know, Brad was planning a proposal. I, unfortunately, lost my job weeks after he bought the ring and after seeing me so sad, he had to fight hard not to spoil the surprise he planned to show me that everything will be fine.

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A month later, the day came that he planned with all our friends to visit the National Christmas Tree in Washington, D.C. and visit the Miracle on 7th Street PopUp Bar. That morning he sent out a family group text saying “TODAY IS THE DAY” and accidentally included me in it! Everyone went crazy to cover it up and looking back on it now, it’s so funny! I didn’t expect anything, so the plan was still good to go. We headed to D.C. to have drinks and as everyone started to show up, we made our way to the Christmas Tree, as it was snowing! Once we were there, Brad wanted to find the best place to take a picture, which included the spot where the White House and the Christmas Tree were included. And he did!

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As I turned to face the camera, I felt him moving around. I looked at him as he was unbuttoning his coat, tears in his eyes, and knew immediately what was happening! Seeing my sweet man propose and explain his love for me has left me on cloud nine! How blessed are we to have found each other so randomly those two years ago!

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