Victoria and Bobby

How We Met: We met back in May of 2010. He was my brother-in-law’s, family’s friends, son’s best friend…

Bobby (my fiance) was at a graduation Party for his friend, and asked my brother in law’s sister “Who is that blonde your always with” …… So of course She told me, and I could not help myself from asking him to be my Facebook Friend. To Make a long story short we Started talking then we ened up meeting up at the mall and just hung out. We both weren’t looking for anything at the time, but one thing led to another and here we are over 4 years down the road getting Married! :) He is the biggest blessing in my life, and my best friend.

I am So excited to marry him!

how they asked: It was my Birthday Weekend and he was taking me out for the day! I Had no idea what we would be doing. Our First stop was the cutest little Lunch Spot in Laguna right by the beach. We had an amazing lunch and some yummy Wine, then after eating he told me he wanted to show me a pretty spot he had saw Pictures of. He took me to this beautiful spot on a cliff overlooking the ocean….. We were just talking and looking at the Beautiful view, then the next thing I knew he was taking me hand in hand, getting on one knee and asking me to Marry Him!! Of course I said “YES” and could not help but attack him, It was so unreal<3 and could not have been a more beautiful spot!

Image 1 of Victoria and Bobby

Image 2 of Victoria and Bobby

After hugging and kissing for a bit he waved out my mom and cousin, they had been hiding and taking pictures of us. It was such a special moment, but that was not all he had planned for the day.

Image 3 of Victoria and Bobby

He told me he had one more surprise for me. He had a sunset helicopter ride planned for just the two of us, flying over laguna and the spot he had asked me. It was the most romantic day ever! We ended with dinner and drinks on the Bay.
Image 4 of Victoria and Bobby

Now I am so excited to finally marry my best friend!!