Victoria and Benjamin

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How We Met

Ben was an enthusiastic, life-of-the-party freshman when we first met through the Baptist Collegiate Ministry at the University of Tennessee at Martin. We shared the same group of friends and frequently discussed our mutual love of Taylor Swift and puppies. As an upperclassman, I told myself that I was “too cool” to date someone younger. However, just a year later, I succumbed to his charm and wit. I confessed to my roommate that I had a crush on Ben, who lived just two floors above us in the same apartment building. My roommate and his roommate teamed up to play match maker and Ben made a move!

how they asked

After almost exactly 2 years of dating, Ben proposed on November 1st, 2015. I was expecting a typical date night. Ben was late picking me up and I’m sure he got a lecture from me when he arrived (he was making some last minute preparations for what the night would entail, little did I know…). We had adventured through a local corn maze and were headed to meet Ben’s sister and her fiancé for dinner. Ben told me that we had some time to kill at one of our favorite spots, a park in Jackson, TN. Part of me was thinking, “Why are we going to this park when it’s dark and drizzling rain?” I was oblivious and went along with Ben’s idea, as usual! Suddenly, a sidewalk leading up to a gazebo and the gazebo itself lit up in twinkle lights. Since Christmas was just around the corner, I obliviously thought the lights were coming on because the park had been decorated for the holidays. Little did I know, Ben and his buddies had spent the entire night before stringing twinkle lights around to prepare for the event. The reality of what was happening finally set in when Brandon Heath’s “Love Never Fails” began to play from a speaker. Ben pulled me in and began to slow dance with me as he told me how much he loved me. Tears flooded my eyes as he got down on one knee and asked me the most important question I’ve ever been asked, “Will you marry me?” The whole city could have heard my enthusiastic, “YES!” as our families, who had been watching at a distance, rushed in to congratulate us. Ben is my best friend and the love of my life. I am so blessed to have found the one whom my soul loves and cannot wait to marry him in June.

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Special Thanks

Janet Orgain Wylie
 | Photography