Victoria and Austin

How We Met

Austin and I met in our junior year of high school, I had thought he was cute since our freshman year of high school and had a mutual friend that (finally) our junior year of high school set us up! He was my first official boyfriend that I actually let my parents in on, and my mom was sure to let me know “not to screw this up”, I guess moms always do know best! We went through a lot of life changes together. He was there for me through my parents divorce, he was there when I got my first car, we graduated high school together, and although going to different colleges we also went through that change together.

Image 1 of Victoria and Austin

how they asked

We flew to Chicago for the weekend so that I could attend a Psychology Conference. We flew in on Friday and checked into our hotel, and were not attending the conference until Saturday, so Austin wanted to explore. He is an art major and is extremely talented at photography, graphic design, etc. and he wanted to capture pictures of us in the city (or so he said). We made our way to Grant Park around 8:30PM, there was no one around and I was not understanding the purpose of taking pictures in what felt like the middle of no where. Austin set up his tripod for what seemed like 15 minutes and I was starting to get really aggravated and the cold weather wasn’t helping, native Floridians don’t typically enjoy 30-40 degree weather. So as I was nagging him to hurry up, he asked me what time it was and although I didn’t realize what the purpose of him asking that was then, I later realized he needed me to look away while he shoved the ring box in his pocket.

He finally finished setting up his camera and put it on continuous shooting, so it took picture after picture without stopping. After we took the first one he pulled away and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was in such shock I stood there with my mouth open in silence for quite some time before responding. We have a trip planned to Europe in the summer and I was sure he would have done it there, so I was so surprised when he proposed! He knew one of my requirements was that I wanted a picture of the proposal to cherish forever and he made sure all of my wishes came true that night. My best friend of four years is now my Fiancé and I couldn’t be happier.

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