Victoria and Adam

How We Met

Adam and I were introduced by a friend and at first, I had zero interest. I am a tall girl and Adam was shorter than me and I immediately decided no. He likes to tell everyone I was “mean” the first night I met him. That is until he mentioned having a motorcycle…I was all ears after that. I demanded he take me for a ride (in the middle of February) and when we got back he turned around and kissed me. It’s been four years since that night, and we are now preparing to be married!

how they asked

Before my birthday this past year, I had told Adam all I wanted was to go away for a night, since we never got to do things like that due to our work schedules and raising a child. He surprised me by taking me to a cabin up the mountains and our second day there he took me to High Knob Overlook, which had the most beautiful view. He suggested taking a picture, so he set his phone down and put the timer on. When he checked the picture, he said we had to redo it because he hadn’t gotten to me in time. The second time around he ran over to me and I noticed he wasn’t standing next to me. I looked down and he was on one knee!! Of course I said yes! It was a dream come true! Amazingly, the camera captured the exact moment I had seen him on one knee!

Image 1 of Victoria and Adam

Image 2 of Victoria and Adam