Victoria and Adam

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Santorini, Greece

How We Met

Adam and I met at the airport en route to my cousin’s wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico. He was the best man.

Also the godfather of my cousin’s first child, it is so crazy we had never met before this point. He missed every family event I attended, and I missed any he had attended prior to this trip.

Adam hated me when we first at the airport! I was wearing a big sun hat and, considering it was 4am and I was en route to coffee, I wasn’t exactly the friendliest! He thought I was such a diva.

Spending a week together in paradise, bonding with family and friends (all of whom were coupled up but us), definitely brought us closer. We became fast friends and of course, romance followed.

I didn’t make it easy on him, though. We met at a bad time. It wasn’t until a donkey (birthday gift) and a trip to Cuba 8 months later that we were both able to give a relationship an honest try. Best decision ever made! We’ve been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

I always joked my Dream proposal would be in Santorini, Greece… on a donkey. Greece was always #1 on my bucket list. It was Adam’s too. So, when we started planning a 10 day trip to Italy and Greece, he knew he had to do it.

Adam and his mom went shopping for the perfect Love by Vera Wang ring before the trip was even booked. He then got the whole family involved.

A week before leaving, he convinced me that his cousin, who we were travelling with, would be proposing to his girlfriend during our stop in Santorini. The guys had a “special surprise” planned for us and the proposal would happen at that time. This totally through me off! Everyone played their parts. His cousin told me, “make sure she gets her nails done! Wear nice outfits!” So here I am, taking her shopping and planning manicures for the both of us.

Meanwhile, Adam, his brother and parents are having dinner with my father at my grandparents’, asking for my hand in marriage. His whole family knew. My whole family knew. I was the only one in the dark!

After 9 amazing days in Italy and Greece touring Rome, Florence, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Athens and Mykonos, we were finally in Santorini. We had seen so many beautiful sights and views, but nothing compared to Santorini. I was so envious of the proposal I was expecting!

As part of the “surprise,” Adam hired a chauffeur to take us around the island and we toured hidden gems. When we we arrived in Oia, the guys blindfolded us girls (really, just me) and Adam prepared us for “His cousin’s” big show. Adam led me down cobblestone stairs – blindfolded in heels and a tight dress – to a gorgeous table, covered in rose petals, with giant pink chairs. It sat at the edge of a cliff, overlooking the whitewashed village of Oia and the sun setting over Caldera. We were at the exclusive Lycabettus Restaurant, one of the top balcony views in the world, according to National Geographic.

Waiting for his cousin to pop the question and completely in awe of the view, I stood there for a moment. I didn’t even notice Adam on one knee! It was the most beautiful and romantic proposal – even without the donkey!

Victoria and Adam's Engagement in Santorini, Greece

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