Victoria and Abraham

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Brownsville, Texas

How We Met

I met Abraham at a mutual friends graduation party. He asked me to dance and we started talking about everything. The more we talked to more convinced that I was that he was going to be my husband. He had all the qualities that I wanted and longed for in a husband. It turned out that we had met years before when we were both at another party. I was 16 and he was 18. We exchanged phone numbers at the end of the night and never stopped talking. Four months later we realized that we had grown to love each other and two years later we started dating. Now we are getting married

how they asked

Abraham and I had been dating for close to 6 months. Abraham and my father had lunch at McDonald’s where he asked my father for his permission to marry me. He is pretty traditional like that. About 2 weeks later my parents and I went to Brownsville to meet up with him so we could hang out at a park. We were 1 hour late. But, we met up in a parking lot so I could ride with Abraham and his best friend. My family, my boyfriend and his best friend and his best friends’ wife all met up at the park to hang out. A few minutes after we arrived, about 30 of his family members all showed up, including his parents, his sister and a number of his cousins.

Victoria's Proposal in Brownsville, Texas

My parents were there as well. He pulled out a box and opened it up and there was the most beautiful glass and gold dipped rose. He said how much he loved me and that this rose would last as long as our love. And then he said, “But Before that, I want to know, will you marry me?” He got down on one knee and opened the ring box to the most beautiful ring I have ever seen.

Victoria and Abraham's Engagement in Brownsville, Texas

I started sobbing and I fell to both my knees and shook my head to say yes. He put the ring on me to the cheers of 45 of his family members and friends. Right before we had gotten to the park, I noticed a photographer shooting photos for what I thought was a graduation photo shoot. Unknown to me was that one of his family members had paid for a surprise mini engagement photo shoot /proposal. We took photos with all our friends and family members and then we had a beautiful mini engagement photo shoot as well.

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