Victoria and Albert

Victoria's Proposal in Nicollet Island

How We Met

Albert and I were introduced by our two close friends; Thanksgiving day of 2014. It was kind of a blind date really. As tradition, everyone would go to The Depot ice rink, and that is where it all began. I mean, people, he was all SORTS of amazing. He was kind, genuine and so sweet from the get-go. Fast forward to the end of the evening, while I was driving home, I called my mom and told her that I like this guy. That was my first instinct: call mom. (That’s how you know you truly like him- you tell your mom right away!) From that day forward, I got asked on many dates with Albert, then labeled his girlfriend and now, fiance. All because this guy swept me off my feet at the ice rink.

how they asked

For our anniversary, Albert made reservations for us to go out to eat. We agreed to dress up for our date night, so I wore a white dress and he wore my favorite shirt of his. I honestly didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary, I was enjoying our date a lot. He suggested we take a stroll at our favorite park in Minneapolis after dinner, and we did. We walked through the forest and railroad tracks, talking and laughing.. then he took my hand and began to lead me through a small path towards the shoreline. I refused at first, saying, “but my white dress!” but he assured me it would be okay. As we got closer to the shoreline, I heard music play. Still, I was totally oblivious of what was going on!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Nicollet Island

Jason Derulo’s, “Marry Me” was playing– there were rose petals… It was all adding up, someone was getting proposed to? Then it hit me. I WAS GETTING PROPOSED TO.

Victoria and Albert's Engagement in Nicollet Island

There was a beautiful proposal set up with the most perfect sunset right behind. Both of our minds were racing, and he got down on his knee. “Will you marry me?”, said he. And so it goes…

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