Vicky and Tim

How We Met

I guess you could say that Tim met me before I met him. I was a freshman in college and I was invited to a high school football game after work. At the game, Tim saw me and asked his friend if I was “VickGod” because he had only ever heard of me or seen me online.

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He told his friend that I was beautiful and after the game, he left a comment on one of my pictures complimenting my eyes. We quickly decided to meet up at another upcoming football game but he decided to surprise me at work the day before that with a box of chocolate munchkins, which are my FAVORITE. Before we knew it, we were attached at the hip. Fast forward 5 years, he is still surprising me!

Vicky and Tim's Engagement in Binghamton, NY

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How They Asked

I was finishing up graduate school in New York and Tim was working in Maryland. We had a set routine for visiting each other bi-weekly but because it was about to be Thanksgiving, I decided that we should skip this weekends visit and just see each other at home so that we could save ourselves a few hours of driving. Since I wasn’t going to be seeing Tim, I decided to invite a friend up for Santa Con so that we could catch up and celebrate my upcoming graduation, move to Maryland, and new job! She told me that after Santa Con she wanted to treat me to a fancy dinner to celebrate my accomplishments but I had no idea that I would actually be walking into my own engagement party!