Vicky and Erik

Image 1 of Vicky and Erik

How We Met

Erik and I met in 2009, the summer we graduated high school. We didn’t go to the same high school, but had mutual friends and ended up as “friends” on Myspace. That summer we talked to each other for about a month before we officially met. The plan for our first date was to go to dinner and a movie. On our way to dinner he got a call from his aunt asking if he could babysit. I didn’t oppose because we would still be spending time together, or so I thought. While watching a movie in the living room that night, he fell asleep! It is something that we still laugh about today because he does it all the time now. He felt horrible that night but I still wanted to talk to him the next day. Erik claims he knew I was a keeper because I didn’t runaway after that first date.

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how they asked

We both love to plan and go on different adventures with our friends. So when Erik planned a hiking trip to Moro Rock with all of our friends I didn’t think anything of it. Granted, we had definitely already been talking about marriage so I knew it was any day. The Moro Rock trail took no longer than 30 minutes and before we knew it, we were at the top with an impeccable view. When we got to the top we were all taking pictures so I didn’t notice when Erik’s best friend Dakota was handing Erik the ring.

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There were about 5 other couples with us so it wasn’t a surprise when someone suggested taking couples pictures.

Image 4 of Vicky and Erik

When it was our turn, what I thought was going to be a simple picture turned out to be something more. Before I knew it Erik was facing me and said, “there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you.” The rest was a blur and he was on one knee!

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In the background I could hear all of our friends cheering for us.

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Image 7 of Vicky and Erik

One of our friends brought champagne and it was a perfect way to celebrate!

Image 8 of Vicky and Erik

It was so nice to be around all of our family and friends for our special day.

Image 9 of Vicky and Erik

After many pictures and congratulations, we left Moro Rock through a tunnel of friends.

Image 10 of Vicky and Erik

When I thought all the surprises were over, Erik had one more up his sleeve. When we got home he had a white dress waiting for me and said he had made dinner reservations. On the way to dinner he said his family wanted us to stop by so they could congratulate us. We walked through the back to get to the garage like we always do and to my surprise there was a small party set up with all of our family and friends waiting to celebrate. It was the perfect end to an awesome day and I couldn’t be more excited to begin this new journey.

Image 11 of Vicky and Erik

Special Thanks

Meghan Marvin
 | Photography