Vicki and Mike

how we met

Mike and I met in Paris when I spent a year abroad there in college. We met a few times before actually having a conversation – he was volunteering at the same social center that I was interning at! We spent a few blissful months in Paris, and then we decided to take a leap of faith and try out an international long distance relationship!

how they asked

We got engaged at Halibut Point in Rockport, Massachusetts! One thing we love from our time in Paris is picnicking – we would always love to explore new parks and enjoy a quiet afternoon together! When we got engaged, Mike planned to take me back to Halibut Point, which we’d visited a few times together. I had a hunch that maybe something was up, considering he’d invited my parents! But when we got there we literally just had a picnic for an hour – so I figured all bets were off! Then Mike asked me to go and explore with him, just the two of us… and we proceeded to go hiking for 25 minutes! He did a great job throwing me off with this extended hiking cover up, haha! We ended up sitting by the quarry and he got down on one knee and proposed, in French, bien sûr, and the smile hasn’t left my face yet!!

Special Thanks