Vicki and Elias

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How We Met

Eli and I met on Tinder back in 2018! Although most people meet online now, sometimes we forget that’s how we met since we’ve always felt as if we’ve known each other all our lives. Throughout the years, we’ve alwayswondered how we’d never crossed paths before since we grew up 10 minutes apart from each other and had a bunch of mutual friends! Being from similar cultures, we’d always felt like we had a special connection that’s kept us close and bonded together. Since the beginning, I knew he was the one, and he felt the same about me!

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How They Asked

The proposal was a complete surprise! We bought a home in August 2020 so we had been waiting a year and a half for it to be built. The house was closing on February 8, 2022, so things were already super stressful and busy for us. We had everything in order from the lawyer papers, to the mortgage, to the inspections – it was all on track!

On the morning of closing day, the home builder called us and told us that we wouldn’t get the keys until later in the evening (around 7 pm) since there was an issue with their computer systems. I thought this was so peculiar because we were supposed to get the keys around 4 pm. I immediately started texting/calling my friends about the change – little did I know that Eli’s plan was already unfolding.

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Instead of sitting at home and waiting, Eli made dinner plans for us to kill some time as we waited for the builder to call us and give us the code for our keys. At dinner, we got a nice bottle of wine to celebrate and reminisced about all our memories, shared our excitement, and talked about our dreams for the future in our new home. I didn’t question our conversation, since we always have sentimental conversations and we were excited to get the keys! I was waiting to get the call from the builder and the anticipation was killing me! We finally got the call with the code, and headed to the new place!

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On the drive there, we blasted our favorite songs, sang, and had the best time! We pulled up to the driveway and I started to grab the champagne and glasses since we were going to toast with our families. Eli told me to leave everything in the car so we could enjoy the moment together. We walked up to the door and I was fumbling with my phone trying to put in the code when he told me to just walk in.

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I didn’t understand at first, but then it clicked fast. I opened the door to flower petals and candles lighting up the pathway to a beautiful display and a neon sign saying “Will you marry me?”. I was in SHOCK and could not believe he pulled this off. As “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” played, I walked through the house and spotted our friends and my parents hiding in the staircase. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening – cue the tears!

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Eli had spent the few months prior coordinating with the builders, our friends, and family to plan the whole thing! I couldn’t have imagined a better way to say “yes” to my favorite person in our brand new home!

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