Vex and Kaushal

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How We Met

Kaushal and I live in the same town in England and we’ve always known about each other, but we had never spoken before. However, one evening, we were both out with friends who knew each other and we were finally given an official introduction. I always thought Kaushal was breathtakingly beautiful but what really captured my attention was her warm and loving personality.

We spoke to each other for hours upon end, daily. This was rare for me, as I was often known as the guy who got “bored easily.” Yet, something about Kaushal kept me intrigued and wanting to know more. I would often find myself listening to songs that would make me think about her. I was acting in ways that were uncommon for me; even my friends noticed – this is how I knew she was special.

After speaking to her for about two months, I was given a massive opportunity in the music industry to sign to a publishing label in America. This meant that I would have to move out the country. Although Kaushal wanted the best for me, I could hear the sadness in her voice when I told her about the opportunity. I was ready to leave because I thought that taking this opportunity was the right thing to do, however, it didn’t feel right. I had something amazing forming with Kaushal and my intuition and heart were telling me to stay.

Eventually, I passed on the opportunity to stay in the UK. Deep down, I knew this was the right thing to do and from first sight, I knew Kaushal was the one. Her whole vibe took me somewhere that no other girl ever had. A week or two later, I decided to play her a few songs that I had been listening to, to express how I felt about her, as I was no good at saying these things verbally. After they had stopped playing, I casually asked her if she’d be my girl. I guess the rest is history.

how they asked

I had been planning to propose to Kaushal for a very long time, but the proposal had to match my vision. Firstly, I wanted to make sure I got her the perfect ring. She had told me her ring size within the first few months of being together, so I had already made a mental note. I had also gone into several jewellers to see rings with her way before the engagement. This is so that when it came to asking her to marry me, the ring would be exactly what she wanted – if not better. I had formed a list of requirements to create her ideal ring and kept it in the notes section of my phone. I carefully picked a diamond that would beautifully compliment her finger. I ensured that the metal, the claws, the setting, the thickness of the band, the clarity, the colour and everything else were perfect; just as I pictured Kaushal.

Choosing a proposal location was the next step and I had literally looked at every country and setting in the world. However, I wanted it to be something that was meaningful. I spoke to hundreds of people via Skype, telephone calls and emails, to arrange something epic. While going through my vision board I had formed ten years ago (way before I had met Kaushal), I realised that one of the pictures I had was of a romantic setting on a beach in front of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. This is my favourite building in the entire world. It then struck me, that this was also in her favourite country. I had a light bulb moment here and decided that this would be the ideal place to do it.

I felt that everyone around me was expecting me to propose soon, especially Kaushal. So I spent roughly 12 weeks changing her subconscious mind by convincing her that marriage wasn’t a priority for us. Although I felt cruel, I knew this would be a great way to create the shock factor when I finally asked her. My plan worked successfully as she was convinced that marriage was not a part of my short term vision. As great as she is, she gracefully accepted it and realised that the most important thing was that we were together. Little did she know that I was dying to ask her to be my wife!

I spoke to a number of hotels in the Jumeirah area of Dubai to get the right intimate setting with the Burj Al Arab in the background. After speaking to Jumeirah Beach Hotel (JBH) and seeing what they could do, I knew this was the perfect place. I wanted to propose at sunset and made sure everything was co-ordinated around this time.

I casually gave Kaushal the idea of going on holiday, knowing she wouldn’t say no. In actuality, I was pulling a lot of strings. I managed to encourage her to come away with me to Dubai, during a period in May 2016 where I would propose to her.

Once, everything was booked, I decided to convince her that JBH had invited us to a private event because she’s an online influencer. This is normality for her, so it was quite believable. With the approval of JBH’s legal department, I created a fake invite and showed Kaushal, asking her if she wanted to go. She saw it as a great opportunity to network and told me to confirm our attendance. This fake invite told us what the dress code would be; this way I could ensure we were dressed appropriately for the proposal.

I think it was after roughly 60-70 email exchanges, that everything was finalised and a feasible itinerary was formed with JBH. Their legal team also approved secret photography which led me to finding Anushka Eranga; a great photographer with a warm and humbling personality. Now that everything was in place, we were ready to go to Dubai.

I had hidden the ring in a small box I had bought off eBay, as the original box was brick-sized. I placed this in my hand luggage, in a sunglasses box, and was very cautious going through security. However, I had written a note on it saying: “Please keep discreet. Engagement ring inside.” This was just in case I got searched.

Both of Kaushal’s bags got searched (in front of us) and my heart was beating extremely fast as I saw my bag coming down the conveyor belt. Luckily, mine didn’t get searched otherwise there would have been a very good chance that she would have seen the ring and I would have been down on one knee inside the airport!

On the day of the proposal, I was extremely nervous and wanted to ensure everything went to plan. I was practicing the words I would say to her which I had written out two weeks prior to this day. In fact, I had recorded them and listened back to them every night so I knew them off by heart. I also had a bad ankle and had to practice getting down on one knee as I kept falling over! As funny as that sounds, it’s totally true. Even before the proposal, I was in the bathroom practicing to ensure I didn’t topple over!

Once we were all set and ready to attend this “event” that I had sold to Kaushal, we made our way down to the lobby, where we were greeted by a member of JBH. He was in on the act and a little wink on arrival confirmed it. Now, the plan was in action.

The member of JBH took us over to a buggy and was going to drive us over to the event location. He told Kaushal to wear a blindfold he had brought along (as we had agreed) because there was a surprise waiting for her at the event. Confused and asking many questions, she finally wore the blindfold and we were driven to the proposal location.

On arrival, I took her hand and walked her down the serene white sands, surrounded by lights. As we got to the hut area, I stopped her and told to open her eyes so she could finally look around. At this point, I had one of our favourite songs playing in the background (FDM – “Nothing”) and she was totally taken back. It was so overwhelming that I completely forgot the words I had been rehearsing for weeks. Still, I managed to tell her how much she meant to me. As tears ran down her face, I delicately wiped them off so she wouldn’t ruin her makeup and said to her, “You know what’s coming next right?” Still completely in awe, she replied, “NO! What?” At this point she still believed we had an event to attend after this. That’s when I reached into my blazer pocket and pulled out the engagement ring. She took a big deep breath saying “Oh my God!” As I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife, she yelled “YES,” to my delight.

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She was in so much shock, completely shaken. After putting the ring on her finger we squeezed each other tight and finally a kind gent came over and delivered a bouquet of flowers as I had planned. The dream proposal couldn’t have gone any better. Ever since, we haven’t stopped smiling.

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Special Thanks

Anushka Eranga
 | Photography