Vevean and Fawad

Vevean's Proposal in Rome,italy

How We Met

In 1994, I had to flee from afghanistan, and she had to flee from Iraq. Because of war. We came both to Holland miraculously…8 years later we ended in the same city, at the same highschool, in the same class…IS IT MEANT TO BE…? I never told u about my feelings, why? Because of religion and background, sadly a big no-go.

Adter graduation i was depressed. I always wondered: What if…..years passed and life went on…until 2007…this time i told u everything…and after a few months 17 nov 2007 we tried the unforbidden relationship. It worked out…but with allot of arguments, it was not easy …but hey if it was everybody would do it ;) now after 10 years where we broke some cultural rules but yet we inspire people around us. Its time for a diamond!!!

how they asked

We are from two different religions, two different backgrounds…Our culture and family was doubting us. Now 10 years later we have made it through. We broke some cultural rules, but hey if it was easy everybody would do it! Right? I surprised her in Rome…on the Spanish Steps. It was emotional.

Our Video

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