A Very, Very, Very Cute Proposal during Bible Study

best_marriage proposal photography_054_tc_proposalHow we met: Tim and I met at Point Loma Nazarene University when he was a junior and I was a sophomore. We were both asked to play in the chapel band on a Wednesday in November 2009 (well, he drummed and I sang).

I was immediately drawn to his quirky humor and friendly smile. Soon after, we became friends on Facebook and he asked for my phone number (after some slightly subtle hints were dropped that I wanted him to).

We went out to coffee that Thursday and the following week, he asked me out on our first real date- sushi and ice cream. We fell in love quickly and continue to fall more in love each day by the grace of God.

how they asked: Fast forward almost three years to September 2012 – we had moved back to Orange County, I had just started working as a nurse in the ICU and Tim had just started a new job as a marketing coordinator for a software company.

I was SO eager to get engaged and be his wife and I reminded him often. I was definitely on the look out for the proposal night and he had pretty much convinced me it wasn’t going to happen for at least another month.

So one night, Tim and I had our regular bible study planned and he decided to go to the Rancho Santa Margarita lake near our church. It was incredibly beautiful.

cutest_marriage proposal photography_002_tc_proposal

I had no idea what his plans were. As we went through our study on a bench by the lake, I thought it was just a normal day. But as we neared the end, Tim started reading several verses about marriage he had written in a journal he had  for study notes. I still had no idea he was going to propose. He told me his desire to be my husband, got down on one knee and opened the journal to a cut out section with a GORGEOUS engagement ring placed inside. He had written, “1,005 days later” and had pasted in several pictures of us.

cutest_marriage proposal photography_001_tc_proposal

best_marriage proposal photography_136_tc_proposal


Once I realized he was proposing, I, of course, said, “Yes!!” and gave him a huge hug.


Little did I know, our good friend, Cami, was there taking photos the entire time!

cutest_marriage proposal photography_006_tc_proposal


cutest_marriage proposal photography_009_tc_proposal

amazing_marriage proposal photography_011_tc_proposal

amazing_marriage proposal photography_012_tc_proposal

amazing_marriage proposal photography_045_tc_proposal

amazing_marriage proposal photography_048_tc_proposal


amazing_marriage proposal photography_022_tc_proposal

amazing_marriage proposal photography_032_tc_proposal

amazing_marriage proposal photography_042_tc_proposal

best_marriage proposal photography_091_tc_proposal

best_marriage proposal photography_092_tc_proposal

best_marriage proposal photography_101_tc_proposal

best_marriage proposal photography_167_tc_proposal

After the perfect proposal, we went home to my parents’ house and surprise # 2 of the evening was waiting for me – 40 of our closest friends and family to share in the celebration of our engagement! I was so blessed and continue to be each day I spend with this amazing man.

Photos by Cami Jane Photography