Sidney and Walker, and their Very Cute Engagement Video

engagement video ideas_cute marriage proposal ideas_475Walker and I planned to go on a double date with Walker’s cousin Joby and his wife Jean. We were going to Houston’s in Atlanta to celebrate Joby and Jean’s one-year anniversary. I was excited to dress up and go to a nice restaurant. Walker told me earlier in the week to be ready at 5:55 because he had a surprise before dinner. The whole week I teased him about what it could be. Not once did I think he would be proposing!

He got here around 5:50, rushed through opening his gifts (it was our 7 month anniversary and we always get each other a little something), which was weird, and then we left. He drove all around Athens, making random turns to try and throw me off to where we were going. As he turned down South Milledge I was convinced we were headed back to my house, but he slowed down and turned into the Botanical Gardens. He turned to me and smiled and told me that he planned a surprise photohoot with Chloe Giancola Photography. (That name might sound familiar, she has taken pictures for me before and is one of my close friends in Athens). Anyway, that was the perfect surprise and I was so excited to get some more pictures of me and Walk.

Walker pretended to not know where to go or where we were meeting Chloe. He parked and suggested that we find the gazebo because he thought Chloe said something about meeting there. I just followed him and we talked as we walked. When we got closer to the gazebo Walker pulled me close and told me that he was so blessed that the Lord brought me into his life. He reminded me that he had always prayed for the right girl at the right time and how he was sure that girl was me. He says things like that all the time, so I wasn’t really catching on to the mood he was trying to set. Me, oblivious? No, never!

When we got under the gazebo, he took both of my hands and said a few more words and reached into his pocket. At that moment I realized what was about to happen and could not stop smiling. Walker got down on one knee, took my hand and said,

“Sidney Katherine Yaun, will you marry me?”

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At this point I was in complete shock, and then I heard Chloe’s camera. I was completely surprised and could not believe he had planned such a big surprise without me knowing about it. All I could do was smile.

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So that was pretty amazing. We took some pictures with Chloe as I tried to process everything that had just happened.

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I was excited to drive to Atlanta because we would have the whole time to talk about his planning and how he did it. As we were walking to the car I asked a million questions. Walker just smiled and said we would talk about it in the car. Image As we were driving, Walker asked if we could go back by my house to get my camera so we could take pictures in Atlanta. I was so excited to talk to my roommates and tell them everything that happened!

On the way, Walker asked if we could pray over our engagement before we did anything else. He prayed while he was driving and I held his hand and closed my eyes. He finished praying a few houses down from the Hardin House and I opened my eyes right as we were passing a million cars on both sides of the street. I shrugged it off as the neighbors having a party until I realized that I recognized all the cars. Image As we pulled into the driveway there was a sign that said “Reserved for the future Mr. and Mrs.” I was so shocked! Walker had planned a surprise engagement AND a surprise party!

We got out and walked to the front door. Everyone screamed as we walked in and when I saw my mom and brother there I couldn’t handle it! I burst into happy tears and turned and gave Walker a huge hug. This was by far the most loved I had ever felt by my friends and family. It was amazing. Image In 45 minutes, my roommates, friends and family had decorated the whole house and arranged a table full of food all in celebration of our engagement. Walker printed 7 framed 8×10 pictures and 30 smaller pictures hanging around the room. There were streamers, giant pompoms and the most beautiful cake I had ever seen (Thank you Katie M.). Image There were family and friends from Milledgeville and UGA all there to celebrate. We spent the whole night talking and having a good time. It was the best day ever and I will forever remember the thoughtfulness of Walker, my wonderful roommates, my friends and family. They are the most amazing people in the world and I am beyond blessed to have them in my life.

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Photos by Chloe Giancola Photography